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What is a Car Warranty?

How can you tell that new cars from the dealerships of Keyes Cars are reliable? One clue is on the Monroney sticker, the information-packed sticker you’ll find on every new vehicle at each of our dealerships: the vehicle’s warranty. It’s a good way to gauge how reliable a vehicle will be long-term, and one more way to get a little peace of mind as you’re browsing our Los Angeles car deals.

Our Vehicle Warranties

Because we’re an auto group, there are more makes — each with different warranties — than we can list here. However, there are some things that we can generalize that will apply regardless of the make and model.

Warranty Term: A warranty will be expressed as a set number of years, followed by a set number of miles, as with the 10 year / 10,000 mile warranty available on new Hyundai cars. Of course, that term is going to be whichever of those numbers comes first. Warranty Types: There are actually three main warranty types. One is a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers nearly anything with the exception of consumables like oil, tires, and the battery. There’s a powertrain warranty that covers the engine and transmission. There’s also a corrosion and rust warranty. Each warranty will usually have a different term, so it’s helpful to ask your dealer about specific terms and conditions.

Certified Pre-Owned Warranties: If you’re buying a certified pre-owned vehicle in LA, each manufacturer has its own CPO program. Each of these involves different program criteria, and a warranty of a different length. Some warranties are also transferrable, and may pick up after the existing warranty term runs out.

Our Service Centers

As good as it is, the warranty on your new car isn’t meant as a substitute for regular maintenance. Indeed, failure to maintain your vehicle can lead to the warranty being voided, or lead to additional charges on leased vehicles. Labor and parts coverage should be discussed at your Keyes auto service center, and will also be listed in your owner’s manual.

Of course, even the best warranty has a set end date. When it comes, you may have the option to purchase an extended maintenance agreement. You should also keep a sharp eye on your dealer’s website to take full advantage of parts and service specials. Our goal, at every dealership, is to ensure a long and happy life with your new, certified pre-owned, or used car purchased from any Keyes dealership.

If you have warranty questions, don’t wonder. Ask! We’re here for all of your car needs, no matter where you are on life’s road. Visit the Los Angeles car dealerships of Keyes Cars today!