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Keyes Cars

Automotive Industry Terminology from Keyes Cars

When you visit your local Los Angeles Toyota dealer, you will find a vast selection of pre-owned and new Toyota cars that come with all of the features you have been dreaming of. At Keyes Toyota, proud member of Keyes Cars, our customer service team is available to help you understand some of the industry terms so that you will have all of the information you need to make a smart buying or leasing decision. Whether you are interested in a new Toyota Camry or you want to check out the Toyota Highlander, it’s of utmost importance to have an understanding of the latest jargon.

Technical And Service Terms

  • Acquisition Fee – Sometimes referred to as a bank fee or assignment fee, the acquisition fee details funds that are charged by a leasing company to help with the administration costs in the beginning stages of a lease. These fees may include data entry, credit report, and looking at accuracy in the details.
  • Torque – Usually listed as “lbs.-ft.” when reading the vehicle description, torque is a measurement that describes the amount of force that comes from the engine to help with the powering of the vehicle’s crankshaft.
  • Depreciation – This is a term commonly used to explain the amount of value that a vehicle will lose over time when looking at the overall value. You will usually hear people talking about how much a vehicle depreciates when you drive it off of the lot of a dealership.
  • Climate Control – This is a comfort feature that allows the driver of a vehicle to set their desired specifications for helping to regulate the cooling or heating system throughout the cabin so that an ideal temperature can be obtained.
  • Drivetrain – The drivetrain is what you will find on a vehicle that contains a two wheel or all-wheel drive system. Drivetrains work by producing power that is then transferred to the wheels of the vehicle.

Toyota Difference

The team at your local Glendale, CA Toyota dealer is always ready to help you acquire an understanding of everything automotive. At Keyes Cars, we will work with you to discuss your budget as well as your buying options. You will find us located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in sunny Los Angeles, CA where we have all of the latest Toyota cars at incredible prices. If you have any questions when it comes to pricing or your ability to enjoy Toyota financing, we invite you to call our sales team today at (844) 267-7219. We can also help you to get the best deal if you are looking to trade in the vehicle that you are currently driving.