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Best Vehicles for Towing

Best Vehicles for Towing

Sometimes your needs are simple. Many Los Angeles area car shoppers visit the dealerships of Keyes Cars needing little more than four wheels, an engine, and some comfy seats. But if your needs are a bit more involved, you should know that we still have you covered. Whether you’re operating a fleet of commercial vehicles or you need towing capacity to make the most of your next weekend getaway, you’ve got options at each of our dealerships.

Towing Terms Explained

Some of you know your required axle weight practically to the ounce. But if you’re new to towing terminology, there are some terms it’s helpful to know. 

GAWR: This stands for Gross Axle Weight Rating, which denotes the combined weight the vehicle’s axles can handle. Because your rear axles bear the brunt of hauling and towing, they’ll usually have a higher rating. 

GCWR: Your vehicle — whether it’s a car, SUV, or truck — has a curb weight, but the Gross Combined Weight Rating accounts for the weight of the vehicle, plus whatever you’re towing. 

GTWR: Gross Trailer Weight Rating. Like your vehicle, your trailer is rated to handle a set maximum weight, which you’ll usually find on a tag in the wheel well or near the trailer’s tongue. 

Payload: You won’t always be towing, but each vehicle is rated to carry a certain amount of stuff in the cargo area or truck bed. The GMC Sierra, for instance, has a payload ranging from 2,968 to 3,435 pounds. 

Towing Capacity: Wondering what you can safely tow behind you? This number tells you. For a Chevy Silverado 1500, towing capacity is 6,700 to 9,900 pounds. 

Keyes Cars Models Great for Towing

We take for granted that some vehicles are built for towing. A new pickup truck like the Toyota Tacoma, or a Honda SUV, are well-known for their ability to pull their weight (and then some). What might surprise you is the towing capabilities of vehicles you wouldn’t think of as workhorses. Luxury SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Lexus GX aren’t just known for their comfort and good looks. They each boast a surprisingly high towing capacity, too. If you have particular needs, like a gooseneck hitch, a fifth wheel, or a tow package that incorporates electric braking, trailer sway control, and the like, we suggest speaking to your dealer. They’ll be able to match you to the right combination of vehicle, trim, and options to make it happen. 

And if you’re not sure what you need, stop by your nearest Van Nuys auto dealership and ask! We’ll ask questions about the uses to which you’ll be putting your vehicle to ensure the right fit. Odds are better than even that one of our new vehicles (or our extensive stock of affordable used vehicles) will do the job.