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Can You Finance Used Cars?

Can you finance used cars

If you’re familiar with Keyes Cars, then you know we sell new vehicles under 11 different brand names throughout the LA-area. While that’s the case, we also specialize in selling pre-owned vehicles made by some of the most trustworthy automakers on the planet. This means you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Are there used cars near me that are as reliable as they are stylish and feature-rich?” because you’ll know that’s exactly what we have in our extensive inventory of sought-after pre-owned automobiles.

We’re proud that we’re known for selling affordable used cars. While some of our pre-owned models cost more, we have a generous selection of used cars under $10,000 you can choose from. And that’s not all! Our finance experts will help you secure financing for a pre-owned model on the most advantageous terms currently available regardless of what your credit score might be.

Financing a Pre-Owned Car

While we can help you get an auto loan no matter what your credit score is, you should know that your score will influence your loan’s interest rate. For this reason, it’s often wise to use a service provider like Credit Karma to investigate your credit score. If your score isn’t that great, you’ll find actional tips that can help you improve your FICO score.

Similarly, you should research the value of your current car if you’re going to trade it in. You can bring your vehicle to our car dealership near Los Angeles, CA to get an estimate of its value or you can use the Value Your Trade tool on our website to learn your automobile’s approximate value.

When you apply for a car loan, we’ll need to see certain things. For example, we’ll need to review proof of your identity, income, and residence. After we submit your application and our documentation to our trusted lenders, we’ll talk to you about one of the leading reasons why buying a pre-owned car from us is such a great move—our 30-Day Used Vehicle Limited Warranty. This warranty is valid for 30 days or 1,000 miles from delivery, whichever happens first, giving you added peace of mind.

Apply for an Auto Loan Today

If you’re ready to have a great-looking, pre-owned vehicle in your driveway, we’re ready to help you secure an auto loan for the model of your choice. Head over to Keyes Cars to find and finance a nice-looking, well-equipped previously owned automobile today.