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Used and Certified Pre-Owned Cars at Keyes Cars

certified pre-owned benefits

Benefits of buying pre-owned:

  • Lower cost, both initial and long term
  • Lower down payment
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Better features at a lower price

Nobody likes to argue semantics, especially not a Van Nuys used car dealer. So let’s clear up one of the more common questions we get at Keyes Cars: “Used, certified pre-owned. Same thing, right?” Nope, and we’re going to explain why so you know exactly where to go the next time you’re wondering, “Where are some used car dealerships near me?”

Affordable used cars are exactly what you think it is: a car, truck, or SUV that somebody owned before you. You probably already know some of the advantages, like a lower cost, a lower down payment, and lower monthly payments when you finance a used car. There’s another advantage that’s a bit less obvious, however. As long as your trade-in is in good condition, we’ll accept a wide variety of vehicles at our dealerships. That means that our dealerships’ used inventory is diverse, so it’s not uncommon to find a used Hyundai sedan at a Toyota dealership, or a pre-owned Audi SUV at a Lexus dealership. 


So far, so good, but what’s so special about certified pre-owned vehicles? They’re used, too, but they’re also a bit more than that, especially since many of them have just come off lease and can put you behind the wheel of a higher trim for the price of a less-equipped vehicle. Your dealer will explain the details, since each manufacturer has its own CPO requirements, but the broad outlines are the same regardless.

Each CPO vehicle usually has to meet a few criteria: 

  • Brand
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Must pass a multi-point inspection

If the vehicle meets or exceeds standards, it’s added to the CPO inventory. Because they’re newer, in better condition, and have more advanced features, they come at a slightly higher price than used. However, you get a warranty, and other perks (like roadside assistance, a CarFax report, and more) that can vary by brand.

While we’ve answered the used car questions we get most often, we understand if you have more. Visit your nearest Keyes Cars dealership for answers you can trust, financing you need, and the great service you deserve.

What you need to know about CPO:

  • Each CPO vehicle meets strict standards for miles, age, and condition, backed by a thorough inspection.