leasing vs buying a car

Should I Buy or Lease a New Vehicle at Keyes Cars?

At Keyes Cars, we understand that not everyone knows right away whether they’re better off purchasing or leasing their next automobile. That’s why our friendly, experienced team works with you to determine which choice is ideal, based on your budget, lifestyle, and long-term ownership goals.

When You Should Buy

Reasons to buy, at a glance:

  • No mileage restrictions
  • Pay the car off and build equity
  • Less concern regarding penalties for dents and dings
  • Customize and accessorize as much as you want

If you’re interested in used cars near Van Nuys, CA and you want to keep the same car for more than three years, you should consider purchasing the vehicle. This gives you the opportunity to pay the car off, build equity, and sell it at your leisure. And if you plan on driving the car a lot for work and/or fun, buying the car outright means you can drive it for as many miles as you like, with no penalty.

Here’s another scenario where you’d want to buy a vehicle: let’s say you’re interested in an Audi sedan that you want to customize. When you visit our Audi dealership at 5239 Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA and purchase your car, it’s yours to customize as much as you’d like. However, when you lease a car you don’t have this flexibility.

When You Should Lease

One of the biggest reasons why a customer would visit one of our Los Angeles used car dealerships and lease a car is to spend less money. Leasing a vehicle means financing only the value of the car over the lease period, which translates to lower monthly payments. Also, when you lease you have a much better chance of putting down little or no money.

These lower costs also make it easier to get more car for your money. An automobile that may be too expensive to purchase and own for several years might be well within your budget when leased. This leads to another important factor that makes leasing attractive: the opportunity to drive a really nice car every few years, and have the latitude to change body styles based on your needs.

Why you should lease:

  • Low or no down payment
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Get more car for your money
  • Drive a different car every few years

Lease or Buy? We’ll Help You Decide

Stop by your local Keyes car dealership today and let’s talk about car financing near Beverly Hills, CA. We’ll get you behind the wheel for a test drive, review our current purchase and lease specials, and ensure you drive away in a new or pre-owned car that fits like a glove.