important of oil changes

Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed

At your used car dealerships near Los Angeles, you will find a vast selection of wonderful used and new models. In addition to our inventory and incredible customer service team, we also feature state of the art car service centers to help you take care of all of your automotive needs. Something that you need to have done on a regular basis will be oil changes to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance levels at all times. We can be there to help with each oil change at Keyes Cars.

Changing Your Oil

When you change the oil in your GMC Acadia every three months or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you are helping to make sure that your engine parts have proper lubrication. Your vehicle has a constant need for oil, which can lead to total dissipation if you are not careful. The engine parts are always working and rubbing together in order to create energy, which then creates a great deal of friction.

Oil is crucial because it helps lubricate these elements to prevent friction. By bringing your used car into our service centers for an oil change, our technicians will drain the old oil, change the filter, and put in new oil for improved performance.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

Without regular oil changes, you could be faced with major problems down the road. The more that you drive without changing the oil, the more friction develops from the rubbing of engine parts. As this continues without fresh oil, the more chance there is of major damage to your engine. This could result in your engine failing to work completely. Not only that, but the harder your engine has to work, the more fuel it tends to use. Not changing your oil can then lead to you needing to spend more for fuel-ups when you are using your Toyota SUV for daily driving or for your weekend adventures.

Whether you have a newer or used model, you can always count on us at Keyes Cars to keep it running like new. Give us a call today and our staff can set you up with a convenient time to come in for an oil change. We hope to see you soon!