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Car Service Van Nuys, Ca | Keyes Cars Service

 car service near Van Nuys, CA

Why is after sales service important when choosing a particular dealership?

Experiencing impressive after-sales service should be expected after buying a new car. Post purchasing a new car, there are a couple follow-ups that you may need to conduct if you wish to key in the ignition (pun intended) for a speed bump proof buying experience.

When you set out to scour the market for one of the best cars for sale, looking to see if the dealership offers a suitable after sales service is paramount. It’s important to find an expert you can trust when you’re looking for a tune-up, schedule servicing, or have your car registered.

Scheduled Tune-ups and Servicing

After buying a new or used car, there are a few service stops that are required after a pre-set number of miles. These stops are required in order to ensure that your car is well looked after its initial few hundred miles. The regular and timely servicing of your car in the first 6 months ensures that you enjoy a good mileage all through your car’s life. Hence, after sales service is important when buying a new automobile.

Additional Information
No Credit Option Yes
Service Center Yes
Open on Sundays No
Model on Sale 2017 Audi A4, 2016 Cadillac, 2015 BMW 4 series
Interval to service your car Every 5000 to 10,000 miles

Car Registration and Paperwork

For some people, paperwork can be perplexing. You simply cannot escape the paperwork involved while buying a car, whether you buy a brand new drive or choose from a fleet of used cars. Who has the time to visit the DMV on a Tuesday afternoon? It would be more practical to have an agent at the car dealership take care of the registration of a new car. After sales service plays a key role in having a smooth transition of paperwork when purchasing a brand new car or trading your old car for a new set of wheels.

Adding Convenience Features

Many car manufacturers offer additional convenience features to their car. However, if you want more than what is available in the trim for the model of the car you’ve purchased, then your dealership can help. Most auto dealerships offer additional fit-ons for a car as part of their after sales service.

Walk into Keyes Cars – a one of its kind premium car dealership near Los Angeles where you can, not just buy your dream car, but also receive fabulous after sales car service in Van Nuys.