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Why Buy a Used at Keyes Cars

Keyes Cars has a wide selection of used cars for sale. Our dealership includes models from popular brands including Audi, Buick, Honda, and many more. Plus, no matter where you are, Keyes Cars is easy to get to. We’re conveniently located in Van Nuys, CA and close to surrounding areas like Beverly Hills, CA and Santa Monica, CA.

The advantages of buying a used car

Although the perceived prestige and literal “New Car Smell” of a new vehicle can’t be ignored, there are just as many benefits to a pre-owned vehicle as there are to a new one. For one, new vehicles depreciate in value rapidly. This means, on average, the second you leave the lot the value of our car goes down by as much as 11% and as much as 25% after the first year of ownership. So, while a “new” car has a lot of perks, in reality, as soon as you begin driving that new car you’re quickly on your way to driving a pre-owned one. That being said, why not consider directly buying a used vehicle in the first place? For one, there are a lot of financing options as your current car might even be able to be traded in to put money towards a pre-owned one.

Our pre-owned inventory

Keyes Cars carries a broad selection of used vehicles that come in a variety of price ranges, including some $10,000 and under. Some of these brands include Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, and more. We offer used and certified pre-owned vehicles, which means they’ve been put through a rigorous inspection process to ensure they’re worthy of our customers. Plus, all of our pre-owned vehicles come with a full Carfax™ report to give you peace of mind about the vehicle’s history. Regardless of what type of vehicle you’re looking for, from a luxury sedan to All Wheel Drive 4x4, you’ll be sure to find the pre-owned vehicle for you. And remember, you can fill out our online trade in form to see how much your current vehicle can put towards the cost of your next auto loan or lease.

Whether you’re looking for a good value or simply want to beat the “depreciation curve,” buying used doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. At Keyes Cars we offer used and certified pre-owned vehicles with Carfax™ reports that means you can make a purchase with peace of mind. Take a look at our used inventory today, find a vehicle that matches your needs, and schedule a test drive today! We hope to see you at our car dealerships near Los Angeles soon!