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“Why Buy Pre-Owned?” Keyes Cars Knows

why buy used

As a respected car dealership serving Los Angeles, CA, Keyes Cars is well qualified to answer a question that’s on the mind of many car buyers these days: “Why buy pre-owned?” As thousands of our customers will attest, there are several compelling reasons why pre-owned is best.

The Advantages of Buying a Pre-owned Vehicle

Why buy pre-owned:

  • Excellent value - stretch your dollar
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Pay less for registration
  • Quality has never been better
  • Vehicle history report provides reassurance

If your goal is to get the most car for your money, buy a high-value pre-owned vehicle at Keyes Cars. The fact that cars depreciate greatly over the first few years of ownership makes it easy to find a very affordable used car that’s in terrific shape, with all of the features and options you want, and without a lot of miles on the odometer. Now, factor in the probability that your used car will cost less to insure and have a lower registration fee attached, and you should love the effect that buying pre-owned has on your bottom line. 

Visiting one of our local used car dealers and purchasing a pre-owned model also benefits your peace of mind. Today’s used cars are in far better shape than their predecessors of 20 and even 10 years ago, and the inclusion of a CARFAX vehicle history report is reassuring. 

Our Pre-owned Inventory

Familiarizing yourself with our huge pre-owned inventory is easy: just search your smartphone for “used cars near me” and explore our online pre-owned inventory. And after you’ve gotten a sense of our pricing, specials, and model availability, visit our nearby used car dealer and test drive your favorite models. Every day brings new arrivals to our massive selection, which typically exceeds 1,000 vehicles spread across our 11 locations. 

Our superior diversity means you’ll find whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a luxurious Audi SUV, a powerful GMC truck, or a well-equipped Hyundai sedan. Along with our pre-owned vehicles, we offer an extensive range of certified pre-owned (CPO) automobiles that represent the cream of our pre-owned crop. 

Keyes Cars is also the place to find outstanding deals on used autos. Browse our selection of “$10,000 and under” models, or contact our individual dealers to see which pre-owned and CPO vehicles they currently have on special. 

Our pre-owned inventory:

  • Huge selection
  • 11 brands representing all corners of the auto industry
  • Great range of CPO vehicles: the best of the best in terms of quality and reconditioning
  • Lots of deals to jump on
  • Test drive as many used cars as you like

Visit Us Today for the Right Pre-Owned Car

Shop our dealerships today and you’ll benefit not just from our deep inventory, but also from our used car finance center serving Woodland Hills, CA. We’ll work hard to put you behind the wheel of your favorite used car at a price and interest rate that fits your budget.